Saturday, May 21, 2005

Amina's Shower/Henna Night

Yesterday, we celebrated Amina's shower/henna night at our friend Khatija's house. It was meant to be a surprise, but of course, it did not take Amina long to figure out that we were conspiring behind her back. At the end, our intention of secrecy became a big joke. Murat's parents arrived from Turkey the day before, so both mothers-in-law were present. It is good that Khatija has a huge house, because we were a big crowd. Everyone brought something, and we had a feast. Today's post will be pictures from the shower, but I doubt that I can get the recipes. Some of them are well-kept secrets.

This is Amina making an entrance to Khatija's house and a group of us admiring and cheering for her.

This beautiful gift basket was brought by a friend's daughter. I really tried to get the recipe for these petit feurres that were fashioned as tiny packages complete with a bow and a flower on top, but she wouldn't give it to me! They had marzipan in them, and I had to eat several to be able to roughly figure out how she made them.

Ceyda made her beautiful pecan crusted chocolate truffle pie. In fact, she made two of them. And unlike others (who know themselves), she said she would be happy to share the recipe with us.

Unfortunately, since the camera person was too busy eating when the desserts were served, I do not have a good picture of the dessert table. But in addition to the notorious petit feurres, Ceyda's chocolate truffle pie, and my chocolate cheesecake, we also had several fruit pies, Fatouma's famous almond baklavas and a big platter of fruit. It was a beautiful night; good food, good company and a very happy event to celebrate! What more can one ask for?