Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Choux Factory

Today, my friend Mirsada stopped by to bring me this sampling of desserts from Choux Factory, a Japanese-operated bakery in Upper East Side of Manhattan specializing in giant sized piped-to-order cream puffs. After seeing Hatice's beautiful profiteroles in SeMaVeR, I had already set myself the goal of learning to make choux paste, and now I am more motivated than ever to do so. Of the three featured above, my favorite one was the cone shaped open-faced cream puff. The bottom layer of filling was rich pastry cream with a mound of whipped cream on top. Lightly toasted pecans stood lengthwise around the cream providing height, body and a lovely crunch to the dessert and sweetened chestnut puree was piped all around this to form the cone. A rosette of whipped cream topped with a tiny chocolate leaf completed the presentation. (If I lost you with this lengthy description, click here to see the cross-section of the dessert.) The other open-faced cream puff was filled with chocolate pastry cream studded with banana chunks, topped with tiny mounds of french buttercream, and chocolate drizzled banana slices. And the third one was a regular cream puff dusted lightly with powdered sugar and filled with buttercream, whipped cream, raspberries and bluberries. What a feast! All three were delicious and deceivingly light. Thank you, Mirsada, for the unexpected visit and the beautiful pastries.

Choux Factory
865 1st Ave, New York 10017
At 48th St
Phone: 212-223-0730
Fax: 212-223-0731