Friday, May 27, 2005


Here is the inside of my basement refrigerator chock-full of cake. (12" and 6" cakes are on the top rack, 8" and 10" cakes on the middle one and 14" cake on the bottom.)It took me half a day to cut, fill and assemble the cakes you see in the picture. The ziplock bags on the lower shelf contain the buttercream that will go on the outside of the cake tomorrow. I have 22 cups of frosting, if that is not enough, I have the ingredients to whip up another half batch ready. The cakes turned out quite high and heavy even for a wedding cake. Now I worry about whether the lower tiers will hold the weight of the upper ones once they are stacked.

The picture below shows the 6" cake being frosted. My kitchen does not have great lighting, hence the quality of the picture. The light colored buttercream border is there to ensure that the raspberry buttercream does not bleed onto the outer frosting. Since the raspberry buttercream turned out quite good, I decided to go raspberry for all in-between layers.

It is almost midnight now. Fatima and Halit will soon board their plane. :)