Saturday, May 28, 2005

More on the Wedding Cake

This morning, Fatima, Halit and I crumb-coated the cakes with Neoclassic buttercream. A crumb coat locks in the crumbs as the name implies, and it also provides a smoother surface for the final coat of buttercream. The above picture shows Fatima crumb-coating the 14" cake.

Our friend Aisha, who is experienced with wedding cakes, was at her friend's daughter's wedding today. She helped her friend decorate and serve their wedding cake. Right after that wedding, she rushed to our house to frost Amina's cakes. She has a way with the spatula! (Aisha's success mostly comes from experience, but one thing I saw her do was to dip her spatula in hot water and wipe it dry before she smoothed the buttercream; using a turntable also helped.) I attempted to frost the 6" and 8" cakes before she came, but they did not look nearly as good, and she had to correct them, too. You can see her working her magic with the 14" cake in the above picture.

The plan is to transport the cakes to the dergah at 10 am tomorrow. There, we will finish the piped decorations, assemble the cake and decorate it with flowers. Aisha will be doing most of these, and I will try to assist her, but I suspect that I will mostly be running around nervously.

We had thunderstorms this afternoon. There is a chance of showers tomorrow, too. I just wish that the weather cooperates so that we can have tables outside in the dergah's garden which is very beautiful at this time of the year.