Sunday, June 12, 2005

San Diego's "Extraordinary Desserts"

Banana Cream Tartelette Posted by Hello

Truffe Framboise Posted by Hello

Tonight we visited San Diego’s famous café called “Extraordinary Desserts”. We waited in a long queue for well over 20 minutes until it was our turn to place order. We left around 10 pm, and queue was even longer than when we arrived. But the wait was worthwhile. On Fridays and Saturdays they close at midnight. It was very difficult to decide what to get as selection of desserts was endless. Karen Krasne is the owner and pastry chef who traveled around the world in seek of the best pastry studies. These two links have some more info about the owner and her elegant café:

Best of California
Official Site

If you ever come to San Diego, this place is a must see.

P.S. My choice was "Banana Cream Tartelette" and Halit's was "Truffe Framboise". They were both incredibly delicious.