Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chestnut Macarons with Matcha Ice Cream

I would like to thank you for your kind comments regarding my decision about the future of Our Patisserie. As much as I would like to, I just can not post everything I cook or bake these days. But I will continue to share pictures --and in some cases recipes-- as my circumstances permit.

Last week, I baked pistachio, green tea and chocolate macarons for Zeynep to take to school on her birthday. Unfortunately, I had no time to take pictures because I finished late at night and she had to leave quite early the next morning. Later, I made matcha creme anglaise with the leftover egg yolks. I am quite intrigued with the matcha and chestnut pairing these days. Since Zeynep loves anything matcha, I hoped to make her a chestnut and matcha birthday cake and to serve it with the creme anglaise. When it became evident that I would not have the time to do so, I decided to use the creme anglaise as a base for green tea ice cream. There were 2 more egg whites still lingering around, so I whipped up another batch of macarons, this time with chestnut puree. I sprinkled them lightly with matcha powder while I waited for them to dry (which, in retrospect, did not do much in terms of looks or taste). We served our ice cream sandwiched between chestnut macarons, and I must say that it tasted very, very good. However, when I tasted the leftovers the next day, I noted that freezing does not become macarons as one cannot experience the different textures anymore. The thing to do then, is to freeze rounds of ice cream seperately and to sandwich them with macarons right before serving. This way they will be more photogenic, too. I will definitely heed my own advice when I make these again.