Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Zeynep's Cookies

My older daughter made these cookies a while ago from a Pillsbury booklet. Judging by the fact that I came across the recipe in several Internet sites, it is a very popular one. Rightly so, too. The fudgy interior encircled in a chocolate rich dough makes it a delectable morsel, especially when served within a couple hours after baking.

My 3-year old helped her older sister by unwrapping Hershey's kisses. A little cookie dough was wrapped around eack kiss. Of course, if you are really discriminating when it comes to your chocolate, you can always substitute chunks of your favorite couverture.

The tiny balls of dough thus formed were lined slightly apart on an ungreased cookie tray. They were cooked only briefly.

Once they cooled, Zeynep decorated them with melted white chocolate. Some had our initials on them.

A bite revealed a molten white and dark chocolate interior like a miniature lava cake. Very delicious...