Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cream Puffs--Take One

Yesterday, I tried to make cream puffs for the first time. I was aiming at large cream puffs like the Choux Factory ones. (Actually, I am starting to think that those were fried rather than baked as they were very soft) Taking Hatice's advice, I left them in the oven for about half an hour to dry at the end of the baking period. However cutting them in half after they cooled off still revealed quite a bit of uncooked dough inside. It may have been the very high cooking temperature, or the short cooking period, or maybe a little of both. The sheer size of the puffs may also have contributed. Anyway, I discarded the doughy parts as much as I could, and put them back in the oven briefly. This time they came out crunchy rather than soft. I used sweetened whipped cream and raspberries as filling, and dusted the puffs generously with powdered sugar. They were good after resting in the refrigerator until next day, but there is definitely room for improvement! That is why there is no recipe for now, it will follow after a more succesful attempt.